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A home addition is also worth considering if your family is expanding or you simply need more space. With demand at an all-time high, we're crowded than ever as homeowners opt to remodel rather than relocate. Why move to a new place that you don't like when you can make your current home better?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for additions because they come in various sizes, shapes, and structural types. Home Addition Providence will coordinate with you to create space for your house when it's essential to have a single room extension or a multi-story expansion. We consistently deliver streamlined additions that blend in very well with your home today to thoughtful preparation and meticulous attention to detail.

Home Addition At Its Finest

If you're having limited space and need more capacity, a home addition Providence could be the solution. For several generations, we have assisted homeowners in Rhode Island in adding new living space to their houses, and we also have the expertise to assist you.

A new home addition will provide you with additional living quarters, a room, a restroom, a workplace, a master bedroom, a game room, or maybe even a way to expand your entire home. Every phase of the way, we'll work with you to find the best way to add enough room while staying within your target.

Call Providence today to learn why so many people have chosen us to remodel their homes. And below are the home additions we could provide you efficiently and productively.

Outdoor Space

A screened porch is a common choice in Rhode Island for adding outdoor living space to your home. With humid, hot weather and swarms of insects, a screened porch is a perfect way to extend your living space while providing a weather-protected atmosphere that can be cherished almost every year.


Over the last few decades, mudrooms have become increasingly common and sophisticated. They're now really just a place to place footwear and hanging outerwear. Mudrooms are becoming as extensive and adorned as kitchens, serving as the primary entrance for family members on a regular basis. Homeowners want post sorting, a household planner, smartphone charging, and a shared computer workspace in addition to a storage room and energy storage for athletic apparel, school bags, jackets, raincoats, shoes, and caps. The mudroom resembles a family resource center.

Aging In Place

Since we live longer lives, health and wellbeing as we age are critical considerations when remodeling your house. We adore our homes and wish to remain self-sufficient in them for as long as possible.

Bathrooms and bedrooms on the ground floor are a perfect way to make your house more age-friendly. The possibility of staying on the first floor eliminates the need to go up and down the stairs regularly. A full bathroom should integrate common design concepts that don't substitute elegance for function but instead combine the two into a suitable space for people of all ages and abilities. An addition like this will also help you to care for a relative or parent in an age when multi-generational homes are on the rise.

The Master Suite

Home additions will take a house into the twenty-first century. Homebuyers now consider what contractors once considered unnecessary or optional functionality to be a must-have. Take, for example, the master bedroom. To most local homeowners, this is at the top of their renovation wish list.

Today's master bedroom is seen in a very different way. The master suite is now a spacious, luxurious escape with tailored facilities that feels like a house within a home. A large walk-in closet will accommodate all of your wardrobe necessities. Reading newspapers or scrolling through social media in a comfortable chair corner is a perfect way to relax. Not to mention a spa-like bathroom where you can wipe away your troubles after such a busy day.

It can be difficult to have all of these features in your home. Luxury bathrooms and walk-in closets will take up a lot of space. Consider adding a master suite if you can't get enough space from other rooms.

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